Albert the Godfather


Albert has been in the Advertising business for more than 35 years and the brands he has worked on have been extensive.


The depth of experience has embraced both creation and design of the advertising as well as the marketing aspects of the brands. Brands he has worked on are Malaysian Airlines, Tourism Malaysia, all Levers brands, MacDonald’s, all Beecham Smith Kline brands, Nescafé, Ford, BP Corporate, Kawan Food, Air Asia, to name a few.


Most notable brands that have shaped his reputation are Dunhill (from 1979-2003, market share 2% to 38%), Carlsberg (from 1978-2001, market share 21% to 48%) and Nissan.


As Creative Director, he has over the years developed the ability to create advertising on both verbal and visual levels. Work experience has been in Mainstream Television, Cinema and Print advertising.


Notably, he has been instrumental in every advertisement for Dunhill (television) and Carlsberg (cinema and print) since the 1980’s and he has also directed most of them.


In TRES, he will be a component of the “Creative Think-Team” that works on every production, working together to provide ideas and solutions.

Work experience

1972 Leo Burnett - Account Executive

1974 Marklin Advertising - Visualiser

1975 SCC&B:LINTAS - Art Director

1978 Leo Burnett - Senior Art Director

1985 Leo Burnett - Creative Director

1991 Peter Beaumont - Creative Director & Co-owner

2002 Sold company


Currently he is partner at TRES Productions


Beltway Office Park

Tower B, 5th Floor

Jl. TB Simatupang No. 41

Jakarta Selatan

12550 Indonesia


+62 858 1159 9919

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